When it comes to Rise of Kingdoms, it’s important to gain adequate in-game assets to progress and compete within the game.

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Thus today, we will be stating the most rapid and effective Rise of Kingdom cheats and hacks for you to ace the game in just a few minutes!

12 Best Rise of Kingdoms Hack And Cheats


The most cumulative Rise of Kingdoms hack to earn free rewards, is to complete all the challenges assigned to you, in the ‘Daily Objectives’ section of the game.

  • Tasks such as Gold Digger, Friendly Commerce, etc can earn you additional Food, Woods, Stones, Gold and Training Speed-ups.
  • Completing quests will also earn you activity points. After you reach a certain number of such points, you’d receive crates with even more resources. E.g. on reaching 100 activity points, you’d be getting a crate with some of the most precious gifts such as Gems, Golden Keys, Magic Boxes and Epic Commanders.


  • Visit the VIP Section of your game daily, in order to collect the special prizes and rewards gifted to you.
  • Click on the red gem symbol on the top right corner of your screen and go to ‘Daily Special Offer’ to collect a FREE chest every day.


The various events listed in the game consist of very simple tasks such as using up Action Points, Field Collection, etc.

  • Your progress in an event will be marked in terms of the number of days passed since you’ve got into the event.
  • Events don’t last for too long, maybe just for a few days. So don’t forget to check out the ‘Events’ section of the game daily.
  • Events are the most suitable Rise of Kingdom cheats if you don’t want to stack up some free rewards, on top of your regular earnings.


  • Do your best to earn minimal resources required to level-up your city hall. It’s advisable not to focus on upgrading any other building as compared to the city hall.
  • Your city hall runs accordingly with your town’s academy, and it’s a crucial Rise of Kingdoms hack to upgrade your academy in order to earn more resources and boost your performance in the game. Upgrading the city hall also unlocks new tiers of soldiers which you can use to excel in the battles.
  • It’s a vital task to work hard in the game to earn higher tier military personnel. You can visit the Military Technology unit to have a look at all tiers of soldiers available, and should aim specifically at getting the higher ones. This is because higher tier soldiers can cause more damage and bring you larger amounts of loots.


It is an extremely good-to-know Rise of Kingdoms hack, to select the right candidates for your territory’s attack and defense systems.

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  • Aim to achieve Tier 3 soldiers specifically, such as Spearman, Composite Bowman & Heavy Cavalry, as they can help you significantly in the mid-early game.
  • In the latter part of the game, tier 4 units, such as Samurai, Crossbowman and Knight, would be really useful.
  • I’d suggest that instead of investing in other enhancements in your city, it’s much more beneficial to do the bare prerequisites in order to unlock and train the Tier 3 units. They’d provide a surge in your overall attacking strength and can easily supress the enemy’s defence structures.
  • Also focus on your Economic Technologies in the game, such as Writing, Chisel, Handicrafts, etc, as they can improve your overall research speed. This research speed adjusts how long it takes for you to unlock higher tier units, so it’s the foremost concern in this case.

E.g. before trying to obtain tier 4 soldiers, it’s important to upgrade your Mathematics technology.

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  • Always maintain a healthy stock of troops, as it’s difficult to judge when an attack might come up.
  • In case you suspect an attack, it’s better to use a speed-up to train your troops quickly.


Utilizing the barbarians in most of your kingdom’s indispensable jobs are the perfect cheats for Rise of Kingdoms. It consumes a low amount of resources to train and employ the barbarians.

  • Farming a huge number of barbarians in your city can not only earn you a bunch of extra loot but also play a huge role in topping up your experience level.
  • The experience points that you earn, can be utilised in levelling up your commander, and thus, making your overall army stronger.
  • If you want to be active in the game, I’d prioritize barbarians over farming resource tiles, because they require much less time and also earn you more rewards. But if you’d like to stay dormant, finish up with your action tiles and then farm resource tiles.
  • You can choose to stack up all the rewards for farming barbarians, as they can prove to be the biggest means of resources during a war.
  • Send out barbarian units to gather supplies from your Alliance’s resource center.


  • Although a lot of the items in the VIP Shop costs gems, which are really difficult to earn. But quite a bunch of artifacts and useful elements in there can also be bought using regular resources such as stones and wood.
  • Buy and store the most important items such as speedups (used to boost training speed) and Starlight Sculptures (used in training commanders).


  • On investigating through the map, you can find several unexplored villages and caves marked in yellow. You can utilize your scouts to collect additional resources from such areas.
  • If you’re a beginner, it’s advisable to collect items regarding your town’s economic technologies like handsaws, sickles and masonry that the villagers and farmers have to offer you.
  • Don’t waste your time in researching for the basic items mentioned above, as they can be easily achieved from other sources.


  • Try joining a good alliance, containing regular and professional players who match your standards, and can help you out throughout the game.
  • If you’re a beginner, don’t rush and aspire to become the clan leader. Try concentrating on your performance, and ways to improve it.
  • It’s not important at the very beginning to join an A-class top 10 alliance. Find the alliance with cooperative and supportive members in order to gradually make your way on to the top.
  • You can request your allies for resources whenever you desperately need them. So it’s good to find and join a friendly alliance.
  • In no conditions, shall you betray your allies, as this can result out to be a huge blow to your reputation. Donate some of your adequate resources to anyone of your allies asking for assistance.


You can find the ‘Kingdom Chat’ option on the game’s opening page. It’s like an in-game community, where you can talk with other players of the game.

  • Try to use the full potential of the Kingdom Chat by creating and sharing battle strategies with many other players.
  • Do not talk trash in the community, it can turn many players into your rivals. They may keep a strict check on your profile and do their best in making you devoid of all your resources.


Many players simply rush to level up their troops without collecting enough resources. But upgrading your forces is not the ideal formula to ace the game as a beginner. So here is an exclusive Rise of Kingdoms hack, to reform your forces the right way:

  • Upgrade the commanders less often, only when required. Spending too many resources on developing commanders’ skills will not only make you bankrupt, but also will make the commander useless in a battle.
  • But remember to upgrade your Gatherers as frequently as possible, whenever you’re done collecting surplus resources. By skilling up the gatherers, you’re going to be multiplying your resource huntings every time.
  • Don’t be too reluctant in upgrading, as that could fetch you many losses. As you start collecting sculptures gradually, start developing your commanders’ skills.


Whenever it comes to online cloud-based games such as Rise of Kingdoms, it’s important to remember that the data shared through our devices are being monitored by the developers’ servers. Thus, it gets beyond the bounds of possibility to unlawfully hack into such a mechanism.

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Topics such as: How to hack Rise of Kingdoms for unlimited coins,  Unlimited Gems cheats for Rise of Kingdoms, etc, published on the internet, have made the users a medium for their deceptive activities. So here are some tips to stay safe from these scams:

  • Please don’t provide any of your confidential details to such apps and mods. Many such apps and sites collect user surveys and the information entered is mostly sold to marketing and analytical agencies.
  • Don’t click on ads displayed on such apps and sites, they may lead you to harmful content. The developers incorporate these ads in order to earn revenues from various firms.
  • Don’t implement any such illicit step in the game, as it may lead to your profile getting permanently suspended.

So my final message to all the users, especially the beginners, will be that: Do Not Hurry!

Never employ any untrusted Rise of Kingdoms hack to earn quick and illegitimate capitals in the game. It will require you enough time and dedication to achieve more skills and expertise in the game naturally. So it’s essential for you to stay patient and keep learning throughout the course of the game.